Skyline De Uithof

De Uithof, history of a university campus


Military history of the Netherlands is closely related to the origins of De Uithof. How come? Up to the 1950s the area to the east of Utrecht remained open and free of permanent buildings because it was part of the Dutch defence lines: the 'Hollandse Waterlinie'. In case of military threats, the 'Johannapolder' as the area was called could be flooded (inundation) to prevent enemy troops from taking the city. Only in 1951 the Prohibited Areas Act ('kringenwet, 1853') was suspended (officially repealed in 1963), thus enabling new town and landscape planning to take place. In other words: the expansive needs of Utrecht University towards the end of the 1950s could be fullfilled just east of the city: 'De Uithof' was born. Some facts in chronological order:

'De Uithof', an explanation of the name
early 1960s
late 1960s
early 1970s
late 1970s
2000 and after
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