Skyline De Uithof

University campus 'De Uithof'
  'De Uithof' is either loved or hated. Planning and architecture of De Uithof originally developed along the typical orthogonal lines of sixties modernism. The early years only produced rather grim and massive concrete buildings. The former park meadow scenery transformed into an academic no-go area without much coherence. It took twenty years to adopt a radical shift of focus and allow for the notion 'campus' to become the dominant perspective. After 40 years of age De Uithof is now not only known for its breathtaking modern architecture, but is also gradually becoming a pleasant place to be.

Some of my quotes on the development of the campus are published at the corporate website of Utrecht University.

Below you'll find a virtual tour of the campus, published by the university in 2005, adapted slightly for my purposes. For a detailed historic review of De Uithof as well as brief descriptions of many of the buildings, follow the menu in top left corner. Texts are partly in Dutch. For your convenience, I've also put up a Google Map to navigate the campus.
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At present you'll find one webcam active in De Uithof public space.