Skyline De Uithof

De Uithof, history of a university campus, 1950s


1953 December 3rd, 1953 the first committee was appointed to study the possibilities for expanding Utrecht University beyond the city boundaries. The primary task is to find new grounds for the Faculty of Veterinary Science. At least 100 hectares are needed. Grounds near 'Fort De Bilt' are considered first.
1957 The 'Johannapolder' is taken into consideration. It is potentially three times bigger than the grounds near De Bilt. Location: east of the city, empty, except for a few farmhouses and one of the fortifications of the 'Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie': the 'Werk aan de Hoofddijk'. The Johannapolder spreads across Utrecht, De Bilt, Zeist and Bunnik.
1958 The Dutch cabinet, the Minister of Research and Education , J.M.L.Th. Cals (in Dutch), agrees on the aquisition of the 'Johannapolder' for Utrecht University. The name 'De Uithof' is chosen for the university centre. This name is taken from the most prominent farm in the area, but it is also a generic name for farms situated on grounds owned by the clergy.
The civil engineer J.A.C. van der Steur is assigned to draw a masterplan for the new university developments and he is also appointed as supervisor for all construction activities. Van der Steur is employed by the firm 'Van Hasselt en De Koning', later to become 'Haskoning'.
  Aerial picture of JohannapolderJohannapolder end of the 1950s

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