Skyline De Uithof

Power stations by Sjoerd Wouda


In the early days of 'De Uithof' architect Sjoerd Wouda designed two small buildings that were meant to provide the energy to warm the university buildings. These reversed funnel shaped buildings were originally meant to contain only large gas heaters. The heat was transferred to the buildings by means of a system of pipelines through which hot water ran at 120 degree centigrade. The two buildings go without proper names, they're just known as WKC1 and WKC2.

From 1985 the use of the buildings was changed. Large gaspowered engines were installed by means of which both electricity and heat could be produced, a principle known as cogeneration (CHP, combined Heat and Power). The combined production of heat and power is very effective: a performance of around 80% can be achieved which is about two or three times more effective than the tradional power plant. Utrecht University has taken the production of 'green' (or in this case 'blue') energy seriously for over 20 years.


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