Skyline De Uithof

De Uithof, showcase of modern architecture

The building history of 'De Uithof' reflects the changes in architectural development of the last 45 years. Starting with the 1960s we find brutal concrete giants that represent an uninhibited belief in progress, followed by a generation of the 1970s, showing an increasing struggle with uncertainties. After a period of masterplanning during the 1980s, a new generation of buildings arise. A number of ambitious and renowned architects transformed 'De Uithof' into a showcase of modern architecture.
Modern architecture and photography tend to be mutually inspiring. Jeroen Bosman published a series of pictures showing his view on the interplay of lines in 'De Uithof'.

Select the building of your choice (many texts are still in Dutch, but these will be altered):

Androclusbuilding Robert J. van de Graafflaboratory
Academic Hospital (UMC Utrecht) A.A. Hijmans van den Berghbuilding
'Brug'building Hubrechtlaboratory (KNAW)
Buijs Ballotlaboratory 'De Kikker' Children's daycare
The Basket 'De kleine Kikker'
'Bestuursgebouw' Hugo R. Kruytbuilding
'Bisschoppen' (SSH) Martinus J. Langeveldbuilding
Caroline Bleekerbuilding Mathematical Institute
Nicolaas Bloembergenbuilding Ronald McDonaldhouse
'Cambridgelaan' studenthousing (SSH) Minnaertbuilding
La Capanna (SSH) Alexander Numanbuilding
Casa Confetti (SSH) Olympos sportscentre
'Centrumgebouw Noord' 'Onderwijscentrum FSB', teachinglaboratory
'Educatorium' Leonard S. Ornsteinlaboratory
'Ethologiestation' Marinus Ruppertbuilding  
'Building FCJ' (HU) 'Sterrentoren' / observatory
Building FE (HU) Stratenum
Building FEM (HU) TNO Building
Building FG (HU) University Library
Building FMR (HU) 'Willem C. van Unnikbuilding
'Fort Hoofddijk' 'Warmtkrachtcentrales oud' / powerstations old
Geosciences 'Warmtkrachtcentrale nieuw' / powerstation new
Matthias van Geunsbuilding Frits A.F.C. Wentbuilding
'Nieuw Gildenstein' Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (UMC Utrecht)


These digitalia are best viewed in Century Gothic.