Skyline De Uithof

De Uithof, showcase of modern architecture


  Centrumgebouw Noord
Padualaan 14
Bureau Wouda BV Utrecht
Feb. 1978 - Jul. 1980
renovation main entrance 2006/7
The building was built to relieve some of the shortage of office space that had grown during the seventies. Originally three departments were brought in: Dutch language and literature, History and Slavonic languages. A majority of staff disapproved on moving to 'De Uithof' with the rest of the faculty remaining in the city. During the years the use of the building has differed somewhat. In recent years it has been occupied by the department of computer science and the administrative services.

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Officially opened 1981.
Sq. metrage
Bredero Construction Netherlands
Landscape designer
General information
The building is very typical for the late seventies. The use of red brick, orange and brown interior paintwork alongside with a cenrtain smallness in scale was used to emphasize the 'human' scale. 'Centrumgebouw Noord' was built in combination with the 'Langeveldgebouw' which shares many of its characteristics.two 'centrumgebouwen' De Uithof
The two buildings are depicted here shortly after they were finished. The main road, Padualaan, is still partly under reconstruction here.

The south wing of the building is elevated to allow for the passage of the public transportation in 'De Uithof'. At the time of the construction of the building a tramway was considered. The building was designed to be compatible with this idea. This is still visible, a wooden panelling indicates the potential position of the overhead wiring.

Underneath the building two artistic elements can be discovered. First of all there is a concrete sculpture which has recently been restored to its original position after being placed beside the building for a number of years. Additionally the painted ceiling panels provide an artistic pattern. They have been resprayed in 2007.
.artwork, centrumgebouw noord
During the first months of 2007 the building has been renovated. University designer Ad Fyan altered the entrance of the building to give it a more prominent character.
entrance Centrumgebouw Noord
The name of the building
'Centrumgebouw Noord' (literally northern building of the centre) received its name to contrast with 'Centrumgebouw Zuid' (southern) which was later renamed Langeveld Building.



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